Based on our experience, we understand that anyone living with obsessive-compulsive behaviours experiences anxiety and possibly depression because of the unrelenting sense of having no control over those behaviours. As in so many diagnoses, symptoms span a wide range – in this case from extremes like nonstop repetitive movements to an inability to do specific tasks without first going through a series of behaviours. Similarly, what prompts those compulsions is not consistent from one person to the next. To compound the hugely frustrating no-control experience, other people often show a lack of understanding or compassion that can be hurtful. The opposite happens here at CTTC: we completely validate the reality of your experience, and support your seeking relief. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not “crazy”; there are irregularities and vulnerabilities in the interdependent systems of your body and brain, resulting in behaviours that offer fleeting relief.

Only occasionally do obsessive compulsive behaviours make their first appearance in adults. When they do it’s usually related to specific tasks or job expectations that trigger a movement or action instinctively or unconsciously compensatory in some way. That is, it’s not a deliberate response to the stimulus. Often the triggers relate to some traumatic or otherwise highly stressful experience.

Through careful observation and analysis we can discern systems of the body and brain that need strengthening or organising or protection, which are triggering the need for obsessive or compulsive behaviors. We then design an individualized program of gentle movement-based activities, along with other indicated recommendations and support, to enhance weak systems, reduce symptomatic behaviours, and create function from dysfunction.

As your body/brain systems are supported to no longer need that response mechanism that results in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, you can better deal with the demands of life, and you’ll experience a more calm and efficient way to interact with your world.