Compassionate Therapy can be engaged to treat and help with numerous adult illness, disability and trauma – ultimately better helping to cope with existing problems both physically, socially and emotionally.

ADD/ADHD, brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cerebral palsy, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, etc. are labels often used to describe behavioural, organisational and academic anomalies that are frequently judged in many societies, and that may cause struggles with life’s endeavours. Compassionate Therapy and Training Centre will help you see beyond these labels and gain an understanding of the underlying causes of the behaviours associated with them; we support you to know and appreciate the interconnected way your nervous system currently functions to make you the unique person you are. From this understanding we create a treatment program to restore hope, regain function and renew relationships.

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Brain Inury (TBI)

Learning Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy

Issues of Ageing

Autism Spectrum Disorders