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Changing blocked energy patterns with energy medicine.

In addition to the many resources and therapies that Penny and I use at Compassionate Therapy, using gemstones for healing is one of my favourites – simply because therapeutic grade gemstone necklaces have been profoundly helpful in many ways in my life. I’ve used Indigo to help heal broken bones so that I could run […]
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Harnessing neuroplasticity throughout the lifespan


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Compassionate Therapy

Compassionate Therapy can be engaged to treat and help with numerous illness, disability and trauma – ultimately better helping to cope with existing problems both physically, socially and emotionally now and into the future. The potential for improvement using a systems approach with children suffering from ADD/ADHD, brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cerebral palsy, anxiety disorders and learning disabilities can be quite inspiring. These therapy solutions are also be used with adults too!