The experience of bipolar disorder encompasses a wide range of expression, from a cycling of milder energy/emotional highs and lows to extreme ups and downs of unusually intense emotional states. Other challenges frequently occur in conjunction, such as obsessive thoughts, attentional difficulties, and anxiety. Often misunderstood and judged by others (or even by oneself), each individual has his or her own particular experience of feelings and expression of behaviours.

That individual experience and expression is what we look at, as we believe that any label has negligible relevance. Our understanding and perspective is that there are neurodevelopmental factors going on – especially in the communication among different parts of the brain, including how the two sides of the brain communicate with each other – that contribute to those mood swings.

Through careful observation and analysis we look at how your particular systems are working together. Some are inside you – not just the two halves of your brain as mentioned above, but the many communications among systems in the body. We also take into consideration your social and physical environment. We discern which systems need strengthening or organising or protection. We then design an individualized program of gentle movement-based activities, along with other indicated recommendations and support, to enhance weak systems, reduce symptomatic behaviours, and create function from dysfunction.

Together, honouring your tolerances at every step of the way – and, importantly, making sure you know how to do that on your own, always – we’ll help you achieve more stability and ease.