How might we support individuals to do what they want to do in life with more ease and efficiency?

With a foundation of unconditional regard and loving presence, CTTC offers you a set of guiding principles that supports your body and brain to communicate more efficiently so you can do what you desire with the least amount of energy and lead a happy life.

Loving and accepting ourselves for who we are right now, in each moment, creates the confidence and courage to try new things that may have been previously challenging. CTTC holds you in a cradle of unconditional regard and loving presence, while offering guidance in the form of nutritional support, awareness practice, organised movement, and environmental influences. This combination creates the opportunity for individuals to confidently grow and thrive in the ways that are important to him/her.

 Mary and Penny - Compassionate Therapy

Penny Sue Jacobsen (left) and Mary E. Robson (right)

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