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ADD/ADHD, brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cerebral palsy, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, etc. are labels often used to describe behavioural, organisational and academic challenges that many people face. HANDLE will help you see beyond these labels and gain an understanding of the underlying causes of the behaviours associated with them. From this understanding we create a treatment program to restore hope, regain function and renew relationships.

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What is HANDLE?

HANDLE (Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency) is an effective, non-drug, movement-based therapy developed by Judith Bluestone over the course of her vast experience of working with neurobehavioral differences.

An independent study at the University of Washington has validated Bluestone’s pioneering HANDLE paradigm, demonstrating changes in brain structure that correlated with functional improvements in adults with Traumatic Brain Injury.

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HANDLE Training

There are four levels to HANDLE® training, all a prerequisite to the next.

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Level 1: Introduction to HANDLE (1 day)

Level 2: HANDLE Basics (2 days)

Level 1&2: HANDLE Approach to Neurodiversity
(2 days, Introduction and Basics courses condensed)

Level 3: HANDLE Screener Course

Level 4: HANDLE Practitioner Course

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